2015 Knysna Awards

Recognising and celebrating companies and businesses in Knysna as well as the people behind them, community leaders, brands and exceptional industry leaders that make us proud to be a local.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”Peter F Drucker

We are proud to announce the annual Sanlam Knysna Awards will commence on the 01st of September  2015.
The awards aim to recognise Knysna enterprises which: produce quality products and the efforts of these enterprises and entrepreneurs place Knysna in a competitive and beneficial position, particularly with regard to technological innovation, trade and investment. It also aims to recognise community leaders and people determent to spur change in their community, and developing a culture of giving. We would also like to honor brands that are truly Knysna.

We strongly believe that enterprises and entrepreneurs – which advance our towns quest for innovation, quality and productivity- should be recognised. Job creation efforts such as local manufacturing and beneficiation also need to be acknowledged, rewarded and encouraged.

The purpose and objectives of the Knysna Awards are:

• To recognise and honor Knysna enterprises and entrepreneurs who promote the spirit of success, innovation and good business ethics in the micro economy of Knysna;

• To showcase the best Knysna businesses and products in various sectors;

• To create a platform for enterprises- of all sizes and industries- to learn best practice from each other;
• To promote and encourage entrepreneurship and social change;

• To stimulate local job creation and broader participation in the economy;

• To honor community leaders;